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4th Feb 2019
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Ben Everard, The Idea Bureau – Three Lessons Learnt

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We met with Ben Everard to talk through three lessons he learnt while starting up The Idea Bureau.

This special edition of the Steadfast Collective podcast was recorded at New Adventures Conference 2019. We’ll be sharing our thoughts about the conference shortly!

The Idea Bureau is a creative digital workshop, focused on designing and building engaging websites, apps and digital services that have a positive impact on the world.

So let’s jump into Ben’s three lessons:

1) Plan your day.
Maintain focus and flow on different elements of your business. Planning your day and week allows you to allocate time to business development and other important elements of running a digital studio.

2) Understand your financials
It’s important to have clarity around your current and projected financial situation so that when opportunities or risk come up,  you can make an informed decision.

3) Prioritise yourself
When there’s an overwhelming amount of things you can do to impact your business, how do you decide where to start? Ben talks about the effort impact scale, a way of measuring tasks that will have the biggest impact with the least effort.

Thanks again to Ben for sharing his wisdom on the podcast. If you’ve been listening to the podcast regularly, why not share your key lessons with us in the comments, on twitter or email us!

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