Meet Mike, Steadfast Collective’s newest web developer


In December, Mike started work at Steadfast Collective as part of our web development team. We did a Q&A with Mike for you to get to know him better.

1) So, Mike, you’re the newest member of the Collective; tell us a little about yourself!

I’m Mike, a web developer and a bit of a geek; I enjoy playing games, watching movies and am interested in technology. I try to get outside, enjoying skateboarding and cycling.

2) How did you get started in web development and what keeps you in the web industry?

I actually got into web development because of skateboarding. I used to film people skating and decided that having a website to put everything was a good idea. While looking into how to make a website, I really enjoyed learning how everything was built and it went from there really. I would say that continually learning new things and the enjoyment of seeing a website come together keeps me in the industry.

3) What would a dream client project be?

A dream client project for me would be to work on the website for The Berrics. The Berrics is a private indoor skatepark owned by professional skateboarders. It is also a website showcasing content filmed in the skatepark, as well as other skateboard-related media. This would be a dream client project for me to work on as the website has loads of content, videos, bios and a shop.

4) Outside of web development, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy playing all sorts of video games; from the 80’s all the way up to modern day games. Skateboarding is something that I love to do and have done from about the age of 13 years old. Cycling is something new that I have recently started to get into. I wanted to try keeping fit without the need of going to the gym. If I am not playing games, skating or cycling, you will usually find me watching movies.

5) You have talked a bit about your love of gaming; what is your earliest gaming memory?

My earliest memory of gaming would have to be back in 1994 playing Atari 2600 Space Invaders. After playing that, I was hooked on games.

6) Finally, how have your first few months at Steadfast been?

The first few months here at Steadfast Collective have been great. I have got stuck in on loads of different projects and have been developing my skills and learning how to do new things (alongside enjoying lunchtime Mario Kart and the Playstation!).

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