7 November 2017
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Our most utilised development tools

The Steadfast Collective development team has honed in on our development tooling over the 14 years that we’ve been writing code. Over this time we’ve seen the shift from; raw CSS to SASS, Dreamweaver to lightweight IDEs, and tables to flexbox.

We wanted to share with you the development tools we’re currently using in the studio (late 2017).


At Steadfast, our development team has slightly different tastes in code editor. I use Atom, while Andrè uses VS Code. I learned web development in Dreamweaver and then moved to Panic’s Coda, which I stuck with for far too long. It’s slow UI and outdated plugins should have forced me to move sooner.

I enjoy using Atom for its extensive plugin library, the speed of initial load and it’s ability to customise pretty much everything.


MySQL Manager

Sequel Pro is one of those tools which are a must-have. It’s something that keeps me committed to Mac OS. The days of using PHP MyAdmin are long gone for me. Pro tip; use the colour labels so you can quickly differentiate between local and live databases.

iTerm2 & Oh my zsh

There’s always a terminal window open. It could be for GIT, monitoring a web service, or just making a quick code edit. iTerm2 is a step up from the default terminal application that Mac OS ships, with features such as; split panes, customisable hotkeys and search. iTerm2 was a great upgrade, which I discovered a few years ago.

Oh my zsh is an open source framework for managing your zsh config. It supercharges your terminal experience. The GIT integration and ability to jump into folders without having to use ‘cd’ every time is why I use it!

What trustworthy development tools do you find yourself going back to time and time again?

Rachel Heslop, Content Director

Our in-house wordsmith and head of content at Steadfast Collective.

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