26 October 2022
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Pete Matheson – Dear Unexpected Entrepreneurs

Pete Matheson, Tech Youtuber, content creator, IT/MSP Business Coach and Mentor – Three Lessons Learnt

We chat with Pete Matheson, Tech Youtuber, content creator, IT/MSP Business Coach, and Mentor, on this week’s Three Lessons Learnt podcast. From 2011 through to 2020, Pete started and successfully ran his own IT Support Business, Tekkers IT Solutions, before selling the company to pursue his new passions.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to catch the episode, here’s a summary of Pete’s three lessons learnt over the best part of a decade of running his own business:

Media marketing first.

Become a content-creating machine. Pete explains how at the start of his business, he vastly underestimated the importance of media marketing.

However, over time, he learnt that creating content such as videos and podcasts has had a massive impact on his business and career. These marketing mediums are crucial for building a brand as they help your customers connect with the personalities behind the brand.

It’s so easy to create content nowadays, and rather than make excuses, just get stuck in with what you’ve got in terms of tech and watch the business grow.

Only some clients are right for you.

Pay attention to the vibe and go with your gut. If a client asks weird questions and challenges the cost of your services from the get-go, chances are they will continue to do so, wasting valuable time for you and your business. There are plenty of other clients out there. Focus your efforts on those who are a good fit and want to do business with you.

Allocate your time and stick to it.

It’s easy for a business owners to spread themselves too thin working every hour under the sun. Learning from his previous business, Pete now sets strict boundaries and time blocks for his various weekly tasks. This structure has helped him manage his client load and gives him a steady stream of income and work.

If you’d like to learn more about Pete or have any questions, you want to ask him.

Head over to his Linkedin/Twitter @petematherson

You can also check out his YouTube channels Pete Matheson and Not a business coach, and learn more on his websites www.petematerson.com www.notabusinesscoach.com


The Unexpected Entrepreneur podcast is the new flagship podcast for Summit, a community for entrepreneurs looking to refine their idea or grow their businesses to the next level.

An unexpected entrepreneur is an expert in their field who has ambitious goals to innovate in their sector and push boundaries, which then, in turn, become their means for living and their own unique business.

Their goal wasn’t always to build a business but to fill a need in a sector they’re passionate about.

Pete Heslop

Managing Director at Steadfast Collective, Pete's key focus is on building a team of smart creatives who build community-focused web applications.

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