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18th Jul 2018
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Take a look inside the new Steadfast office

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We’ve been in our new office less than one month, but the Steadfast Collective team is already feeling right at home. Keeping hold of a Southampton postcode, our new office is based in Ower, on the edge of the New Forest.

Southampton web design and development studio.

Why the move?

Over the past three years (this year in particular), we’ve been growing. Growing the team, growing our skillset and pushing ourselves to work on bigger, better digital products, websites and content. We want to keep the momentum up and keep on growing. Our new office is part of that growth plan.

Our new, inspiring workspace is bigger and better, allowing us to scale as a team, and maximise our potential. 

We really wanted our new office space to reflect the Steadfast brand and company culture. So we were on the lookout for a place that was light and bright, inspired collaboration, embraced simple, yet effective design, and included plenty of space to dream, create and meet with clients.

A place the team and clients looked forward to being in.

So come in and take a peak around…

Glass walls, white space and greenery. Welcome to Steadfast HQ.


Southampton web design and development studio. Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5 book review.

Our main space is where our dev team are hard at work coding their next website, app or digital product. It’s a great space for collaboration, with a big whiteboard for out-of-the-box ideas.

Three smaller rooms are split into a meeting room, director’s pod and a break out space.

Web application services, Southampton UK. Web application services, Southampton UK.

A place where ideas are sparked, plans are made and projects are brought to life, our meeting room is open and inviting for clients, potential clients, friends and partners to take a seat and discuss your next big idea with you.

The director’s pod sits at the centre of the office, driving the Steadfast brand, crafting our company targets, goals, objectives and story, and lining up the next exciting project.

Take five to chill out, chat a project over, pick up a conference call or work alone. The breakout room is anything you want it to be. Comfy chairs, desk space and blank space, we use this room for all kinds of activities; recording podcasts, taking photos and having a flick through our favourite magazines.

The future

We’re excited for the future, continuing to provide the best possible service to our clients in our innovative new space. We’re also looking forward to taking on new prospects and engaging challenges.

See it in person

Share in our excitement, pop by for a drink and take a look around. We’re inviting our friends, partners, local businesses and fellow agencies to drop by and pay us a visit on Friday 3rd August between 3 – 6pm.

If you are thinking of coming, drop us a message and let us know.

Can’t make that date? The door is always open (well 9am-5pm anyway) so swing by and see us. A head’s up might be handy in case we have meetings planned.

Thanks for taking an interest in our new workspace. I hope you love it as much as we do.

Thanks to Mikey Oldfield at Sixth Day Film for the photos.

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