28 January 2019
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Choosing an email provider; switching to Polymail

Email is a daily part of our lives here at Steadfast Collective. Even using Slack, there is no getting around it. Ever since Mailbox was bought (2015) and killed by Dropbox (2016), I have been looking for a replacement email provider which handles email in a smarter way. I’ve shaken a stick at a fair few email clients in my time and Polymail, while not perfect, has been the one which has stuck with me and now the team.

Let’s take a look at why it’s our number one email client at Steadfast HQ:

Snoozing Emails

A clean inbox is a happy inbox, right? That email you know is important but is for next week’s to-do list you can snooze until Monday. Hotel reservations that you know you are going to need next July, snooze until the check-in date. Snooze is a simple feature which Polymail has really nailed. A long swipe on the email and you can pick a date to snooze to, taking the mail out of the inbox to re-appear when you need it.

Uniformed Everything

This one is key for me. I can log into any device, mobile or desktop, or download the Polymail app and view all of my mail accounts at once. My email signatures are stored in the cloud, along with the rest of my mail settings.

Email Sharing

This feature keeps me locked in. At a click of a button, I get a sharable link with an entire email thread in. Sharing emails around the office is 100% easier, no more forwarding emails around. It’s well-built, reliable and so convenient to use.

Choosing an email provider - Polymail

Okay, so I’ve sold you, right? There are a few things that we wish Polymail would fix to make it that bit better…

Pro Features

At one point, we all had a team account; the monthly subscription to access pro-features. At the moment, these features all feel a little… rushed. For instance, a killer pro-feature is being able to share and tag other team members on emails within the app. An example; Bill Gates is looking to partner with us on his exciting top secret SAAS. The email comes in and I @everyone in the email so they instantly see it in their inbox. The problem comes when you try to tag on mobile. This feature, which would lend itself to ‘on the go’ emailing, is left out entirely on their mobile app.


In the early days, there would be a new bug every few days, which thankfully is no longer the case. However, more often than I would like, I find a bug. It could be something within the interface, i.e. I can’t swipe an email across. Search is unreliable. It often can’t search back as far as you need and leaves you reaching for gmail.com. As a team of developers working on digital products, we can relate; building complex systems are hard! With something as utilitarian as an email provider, I wish the motto was a little less, ‘move fast and break things’ and more, ‘move slowly and stay stable’!

Overall, we feel that the reasons to switch to Polymail as your email provider far out-weigh the niggles. Give it a download and let us know your thoughts.

Rachel Heslop, Content Director

Our in-house wordsmith and head of content at Steadfast Collective.

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