Martin Adams – Three Lessons Learnt

This week our ‘Three Lessons Learnt’ podcast featured Martin Adams. Martin currently works for a mattress company, consulting as their technical CTO as a contractor. Originally part-time, he has been full time since 2003. He is also building his own start-up called Zaro which began out of the frustration of working with remote, in-house and agency teams, where there is a lack of communication of the work that is done. He has been into technology and the web space since studying Internet Technology at University in 2000 and has been programming since he was 13.

If you haven’t yet listened to the podcast, here’s a summary of Martin’s three lessons that he learnt when starting up his own business:

Don’t get distracted. Martin admitted then when he spots a problem, he often tries to figure out a solution by looking at the different things that are going on and can become easily diverted off of the path that he is working on. His main advice is to enjoy doing one thing really well rather than ten things to a subpar standard and suggests training yourself to be focussed and to tune out any possible distractions.

Just launch. Martin knows from his own experiences that you can get into a cycle of trying to make everything perfect or going above what is required for a launch. He uses various methods to control deadlines to ensure no tasks are put off. Constant reminders proved beneficial. He suggests to just get something launched, take the win and move on to the next challenge.

Enjoy the dip. Martin believes ‘the dip’ is the part of a project or phase of a business where most entrepreneurs quit as things begin to get difficult. He advises not to “compare your documentary to other people’s highlight reel”. People can look at other startups and see success but they don’t necessarily see the behind-the-scenes years spent stuck in the dip pushing and believing in their startup. Martin does his job for the love of the craft as he naturally finds it enjoyable. He suggests that appreciating the small things can get you through the dip.

It was great to have Martin with us on our podcast. Why not follow along on Twitter @martin_adams and find out more about what Martin is working on. We’ll see you again soon for our next podcast.

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