27 June 2019

Three Lessons Learnt with Daniele Marino (Soldo)

I met with Daniele Marino, Head of Product Development at Soldo to talk through lessons he learnt while building Soldo. Soldo helps businesses to control their spending, with pre-paid debit cards, virtual payment cards, and a handy dashboard overview. Founded in 2015, Soldo has raised a total of $22.2M in funding.

Pete Heslop

Managing Director at Steadfast Collective, Pete's key focus is on building a team of smart creatives who build community-focused web applications.

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An evening with ustwo at Creative X Business

Pete Heslop, Managing Director of Steadfast Collective, interviews Mills (founder) and Neef (ustwo Adventure) of ustwo at February’s Creative X Business event.

17 March 2020

Lessons from Panic Inc (Firewatch, Untitled Goose Game & Coda)

Panic is a team-based out in Portland, America who published the recent video game Untitled Goose Game and the award-winning Firewatch. What you may not know is that Panic’s legacy was built crafting Apple applications, especially those who help web-developers.

8 October 2019

Three Lessons Learnt with Jeff Gardner (Intercom)

Jeff has been at Intercom for seven years, as the fourth employee he headed up customer support while fixing bugs and odd engineering tasks. He then went on to lead the support team. In the last 18 months, Jeff has taken on the role of Head of Platform Partnerships.

1 August 2019

Intercom: On Starting Up – Book Review

Intercom’s products are an undeniable success, with more than 450 employees around the world focused on creating the worlds best suite of messaging-first products. Their book, On Starting Up, is lessons their founders have learnt along the way.

13 May 2019