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Churches Fire is one of the main providers of fire safety services in the UK. In the safety sector, building trust with potential clients from the second they land on your website is key.
The old Churches Fire website copy needed a complete overhaul. The pages were dull to look at, difficult to navigate, a disengaging read and missing effective calls to action.
Working closely with the Churches Fire marketing team, Steadfast Collective gave the website copy a refreshing update and a new lease of life.

The Proposal

Our aim for the new Churches Fire copy was threefold:
– To bring a cohesive tone of voice to the site,
– to better sell the company’s services in an informative way,
– and to help bring out the company history, vision and values that sit at the heart of their work, bringing value to their clients.

The Outcome

In the exploration phase, we asked lots of questions to uncover who Churches Fire are as a company. We explored what is unique about the business, their USP’s, their clients, and the reasons people choose their services. Our research enabled us to piece together a full picture of the company story, objectives, services, and selling points to be communicated to their target audience.

Finished Result

The new website consists of well-structured copy that gets to the heart of why customers should choose Churches Fire.

For the services section, we focused on answering questions their target audience were regularly asking, such as ‘What is a sprinkler system?’, ‘How do sprinklers work?’ in line with keyword research.

Where possible, we put a large emphasis on the company’s two decades of expertise, their high number of accreditations, and their strong client focus to build trust and rapport with potential clients.

The site is now informative and engaging, leading readers into action.

“I have enjoyed working with Steadfast Collective during the build of the new Churches Fire website. Rachel made this a very easy process for us and I look forward to working with her again.”
Aimee Looker
Marketing Manager - Churches Fire

If you are looking for website copy that engages potential customers and builds trust, get in touch with us at Steadfast Collective.

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