Dragonfly Labs

Making data analysis algorithms appealing online


Dragonfly Labs


Design & Development



Dragonfly Labs is a data analysis company which create high-frequency trading algorithms.

We worked with their CEO to craft a longstanding brand in a fast-changing industry.

Once the fresh brand identity had been established, we worked on designing and building a simple and memorable landing page.

We used bold icons to tell the company story in a field where imagery does not really exist. Clean lines, clear shapes and complementary colours make Dragonfly Labs’ website simple but effective.



The Goal

To craft a brand and build a landing page for Dragonfly Labs to stand out in a crowded market. The landing page needed to be simple, insightful and easy to update, making information easily-accessible for site visitors.

The Results

Dragonfly labs were presented with a new brand identity, assets and colour palette, designed to complement their business and stand out against competitors.

Their website is clean, functional and streamlined, allowing users to navigate to the content they are looking for with ease.

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