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Engineers for Pioneers approached Steadfast Collective to build a web application with the ability to match top talent with businesses who are looking for marketing, tech or creative specialists.

We worked closely with the Engineers For Pioneers team to build a platform smart enough to match creative members to relevant work briefs while being easy to navigate and onboard new members.

As part of this project, we designed and built a custom Laravel web application, custom chat platform, and invoice builder.

We also built the corresponding Engineers for Pioneers website.

The Goal

An easy-to-use platform for businesses to find and work with skilled specialists, and for specialists to find new work opportunities. 

Engineers for Pioneers’ aim was to allow its members (both companies and freelancers) to communicate via a chat system, build proposals, agree on terms, search for specialists, and send invoices – all in one place.


The web application is built using the Laravel PHP framework, with a Vue JS frontend, which enabled us to create a feature-rich web application, which could serve a vast number of users.

Laravel provides the framework and tool kit for the Engineers for Pioneers platform. As Laravel partners, we work with Laravel every day, building products which would not have been possible just a few years ago.

With Vue.js we built a custom invoice builder which allows specialists to send invoices on the fly to their newly found customers.

A custom-built chat system was crafted just for the Engineers For Pioneers Platform. Built from the ground up, their bespoke chat platform allows for instant communication and uploading attachments.


A user-friendly web application which serves each user group individually, focusing on what is essential to them at each stage of their project.

Following the initial design meeting, our team set about creating the website’s design and user flow. After several design iterations, the client and we were both happy that the design would meet the needs of the users. Once the designs had been agreed, our development team set about realising them, building out the platform and its wide range of features.

The custom chat system was developed to allow members to communicate and share files. The proposal and contract tool ensure all parties are agreed on the project, while the invoicing feature ensures members can manage the entire project all in one place.

Following the delivery of the staging website and testing, we continued to refine the web app building upon user feedback to ensure that the platform was not only highly-functional but also providing a great experience for users at both ends of the process (those hiring and those looking for contracts).

Kind words

From a collection of ideas, Steadfast defined, planned and built the platform that sits at the heart of the business I head up - Engineers for Pioneers. The team listened from the word go and always found creative yet practical solutions. They have been and continue to be an incredibly responsive and supportive partner.

Bryony Simpson - Engineers For Pioneers Founder

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