Golden Suite

A premium FOREX trading education platform.


Golden Suite


Design and Development



The Golden Suite is a premium FOREX education platform and community, run by an experienced FOREX trader. Steadfast Collective worked with The Golden Suite team to built the web application tailored to helping aspiring traders with varying degrees of experience to take their trading to the highest level possible.

The web application includes subscription-based access to e-learning modules, many of which revolve around video content.


The Golden Suite team were looking for an entirely new platform to support their online venture. Their goal; a web application that would stand out from the rest, would have a high conversion rate, and keep users’ interests high.

With features such as automatic billing, payment trial periods and high-quality video streaming, we began the project with a discovery workshop with the founder to discuss the audience, the reasons behind the platform, key functionality, and features.


Following the initial workshop, our design team set about releasing the vision of The Golden Suite, creating a set of designs to feel premium and fit within the existing brand guidelines.

Once the designs were agreed and refined, our development team implemented them, adding in the backend code to allow The Golden Suite to easily post new content and manage their website from their dedicated administration panel; built using Laravel Nova.

We focused on the rapid delivery of features, gathering feedback, making adjustments and re-iterating throughout the project to ensure the functionality was optimal for the user’s experience and flow through the web application.


We presented The Golden Suite with a highly-flexible platform that gives the team overall control on content and features, all the while converting prospects into recurring paying users. 

We are currently in the process of building the next phase of The Golden Suite platform adding in a trading dashboard. The web application is also being built into a mobile application for both Android and IOS.

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