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The National Oceanography Centre is the UK’s centre of excellence for oceanographic science. Each and every year the National Oceanography Centre provide world-leading research in large-scale oceanography and ocean measurement technology innovation.

In a nutshell, the National Oceanography Centre is at the forefront of understanding how climate change and natural processes in the Earth’s system will affect the future of our planet.

Rachel at Steadfast Collective had the privilege of working on the website copy for the entirety of the new National Oceanography Centre website.

The Proposal

The National Oceanography Centre website is visited by a broad range of audiences, from scientists to stakeholders, the general public to research students. The Centre needed new website copy that would convey scientific concepts and technological information in a way that each of these audiences could relate.

Working with a range of scientists, engineers and National Oceanography Centre staff, we undertook research interviews to obtain the relevant scientific and technical information that needed to be conveyed across the site, whilst highlighting how the National Oceanography Centre is committed to protecting the future of our planet.

We also worked alongside National Oceanography Centre website developers to establish a cohesive site map that would enable users to make an informed journey around the site to find the key information and insight that they were looking for.

The Outcome

This project lasted over eight months to evolve a narrative that gave the National Oceanography Centre a compelling story and detailed all of the activities undertaken by the organisation. Working with the National Oceanography Centre communications team and scientists proved to be an insightful time of learning and exploration.

After we created a tone of voice document to establish the way in which the National Oceanography Centre would convey information, Rachel worked on the copy for their website, refining the detail of every website page and distilling the key messages to ensure information was both clear and concise.

We also hand-selected imagery for the site to compliment the copy and emphasise key messages to the reader.

The Finished Result

The new National Oceanography Centre website combines stunning imagery of the planet’s most diverse environments, creatures and oceanographic technologies with descriptive, yet succinct, messages that tell the story of their history, science, technology and onsite facilities.

Check it out here: National Oceanography Centre

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