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A website worthy of the cause.

In May 2019, we ran a giveaway competition in recognition of our fourth birthday, giving Hampshire businesses, charities and non-profits an opportunity to win a website worth £5,000.

QE2 Activity Centre were the worthy winners of that competition.

We built QE2 Activity Centre a new digital home to be proud of. The beautifully-crafted, custom-WordPress website is easily accessible, ready for any device size.

The Goal

To craft a website that matched the high standards of the activity centre, fully showcasing the amazing work that they do and the facilities and services that they have on offer.

We needed to design a website which appealed to three audiences; users of the centre, parents/carers, and local officials. Along with creating an engaging and informative digital platform, the QE2 website has bespoke features such as; the ability to pay invoices via Stripe integration, and a custom form download manager.

The Process

We met with Phil, the manager at QE2 Activity Centre, to have a tour of the facilities and hear about the needs of the organisation. Once we had agreed on a site map and project plan, we started by wireframing the key pages, keeping the website’s core goals in mind.

We then started to layer on colour and detail as the design came together. We worked closely with the QE2 team to ensure the design was both engaging for the different website audiences, and matched with their existing brand guidelines. As part of the website process, we commissioned new photography to be taken, beautifully showcasing the range of activities the centre has to offer.

The completed WordPress website was put live in December 2019, after a full handover workshop with the QE2 team.


A new digital home for QE2 Activity Centre to be proud of. The beautifully-crafted website is ready for any device size, allowing prospective users to find key information at a glance and to quickly request a tour of the facilities. The website is built on WordPress using custom fields to allow members of the QE2 team to quickly make edits and update content as and when they require.

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