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RGL is one of the UK’s leading water jetting companies. An existing client, Steadfast Collective had previously worked with RGL to help host and manage their previous WordPress site.

The existing site had quite a dated design, so RGL wanted to rebrand and rebuild their site. It was decided that the new site would be built in Craft CMS rather than WordPress, for better control over the content.

The Goal

To give RGL a new website with a fresh lease of life – new design, a focus on clean visuals and smooth page animations. The RGL team also wanted the website to be easy to edit from a content perspective, so we chose to build using Craft CMS.


  • The new site is built using Craft CMS.
  • The site has a fairly comprehensive page builder, which allows RGL to build out their own pages, using custom-built blocks.
  • The site uses Tailwindcss and Alpine JS.
    Tailwind is a utility-based CSS framework, that helps us to quickly build out page elements. Alpine is a lightweight javascript framework, that we use to add interactivity to a page. It was used for sliders, customising videos, integrating google maps, filtering blog posts, popouts, accordions, and the mobile menu.
  • We also integrated the formie plugin, which allows them to build out their own custom forms.


RGL have a brand new website, with fresh and clean design, better control of their content, and the ability to quickly and easily create new pages in house using our page builder.

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