Rigging-Tracking Application


Offshore Rigging Services have taken on some pretty high-profile clients such as being the design rope supplier for the Volvo Ocean Race. We worked with Offshore Rigging Services to create a web application that tracks and stores their rigging data, enabling them to receive notifications as to when the recommended lifespan of different types of rope is close to expiry.

Working with Offshore Rigging Services, we created a web application that would enable the team to easily monitor the data for thousands of individual ropes and pieces of rigging equipment. Alongside the build of this web application, we aided in streamlining the process of their sales funnel.





Offshore Rigging Services

The Goal

To bring Offshore Rigging Services’ offline systems online, allowing the team to create inventory, quotations and invoices along with a host of asset management tools. Efficient data management and data collection was a key aim for this project; with PDF/CSV exporting essential for the quick sharing of documents around the globe.

The Result

We started with our preferred platform of choice; Laravel. Laravel enabled us to handle the data-migration from Offshore Rigging Services’ previous Microsoft Access database, alongside giving us a solid foundation to build this data-heavy application onto.

Once we had designed the database into a more compliant design, we set about building this complex system in a way that was easy for the end-user to use, building feature-by-feature whilst always keeping a keen eye on usability.

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