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Tap WordPress hosting is designed to offer everyday WordPress users a beautiful hosting experience with all the features and benefits you'd expect from a managed host, but without the associated cost.

The Proposal

Built in 2015 alongside our friends at Chaptr.studio, the concept of Tap was an itch we had – something that needed scratching. Our first venture explored what it looked like to create a hosting platform which was accessible to everyone.

The Outcome

We did away with the complicated setup, control panels and over-charging the client for features they didn’t need. Back to basics was the goal.

Having hosted over 7,000 websites, with clients stretching from the UK to the USA and Australia (and everywhere in between), Tap is now a worldwide brand with continued monthly growth.

How We're Involved?

We’ve been involved in every element of Tap from the initial ideas phase. Now running as a successful SAAS, our continued involvement primarily focuses in on the platform itself. We head up the development and management of the Google Cloud servers that power Tap.

Check it out here.

“When it comes to running my own blog, I like to have a fast, reliable host that takes care of all of the technical details for me.”
Tom McFarlin
WordPress Blogger
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