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We built and run Tap WordPress hosting to offer everyday WordPress users a beautiful hosting experience with all the features and benefits you’d expect from a managed host but without the associated cost.

Built alongside our friends at Chaptr, we felt that there was a problem with the way in which managed WordPress hosting was being offered to the everyday user.

Together, we aimed to streamline the process, guiding users through each of the stages of WordPress hosting to enable them to have their site up and running within minutes.

To date, over 11,000 people have given it a go! Take a look for yourself.

The Goal

An ambitious goal; make WordPress hosting better for the everyday user. Beautiful design, easy-to-use, reliable, fast and underpinned by cutting-edge technology.


Custom Laravel Development

As you might expect from a large-scale SAAS, there are many moving parts to Tap. The platform, app development, and billing are just three of the moving parts which keep Tap and its websites online every day. 


Platform Infrastructure

Tap utilises the best technology we have in our inventory, taking full advantage of scalable mail solutions, Google’s powerful network, and real-time website recovery.



We started with the server architecture and worked with Google to devise a plan that would enable us to scale to the size we are today.


Loveable WordPress hosting for the everyday user. Ever looking to perfect and scale our products and services to bring value to a greater number of internet users, we are continuing to work on new Tap features in order to create an even better online experience for users.

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Tap, ‘everything you need for everyday WordPress hosting’.

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