Our ventures are a collection of applications we have built as side projects.

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We build to challenge the norm, to create something new, or, more often than not, because it’s what we like to do.

When we aren’t building for our clients, we are building for ourselves. At Steadfast, we try to dedicate 20% of our time each week to work on our side projects. Working on our ventures fuels our experience and understanding of what it takes to create great applications for our clients; coding, building and iterating to resource the internet.


Tap is designed to offer everyday WordPress users a beautiful hosting experience with all the features and benefits you'd expect from a managed host, but without the associated cost. Websites are fast, secure and reliable, all for the same price as your monthly coffee!


Featured as Product Hunt’s #5 Product of the Day in June 2020, Crawlify is an AI-powered data extraction tool used to pull clean, structured data from websites in an easy-to-use and accessible way.

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Tree Exchange

As a studio, we rely on Digital Ocean to host our websites and applications online. We know thousands of other companies and organisations also use Digital Ocean for hosting. We therefore decided to utilise the amazing Digital Ocean API to convert the size and number of Digital Ocean Droplets (servers) people have into planted trees, to help offset their carbon footprint.

Who is Steadfast Collective?

We have been developing websites for over a decade. Our team of developers love what they do, and strive to ensure they leave the internet in a better place than they found it.

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