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Who is Steadfast Collective?

Steadfast Collective has been developing websites for over a decade.

We have worked with hundreds of websites and have become trusted partners for our clients.

Our team of developers love what they do, and strive to ensure they leave the internet in a better place than they found it.

"We have had the great pleasure of working with Steadfast Collective for the last four months, and they have been a joy. Steadfast are super-efficient, they have a 'make it work' mentality, and they're proactive. Our next venture has gone to the Steadfast without the need for a pitch."
Matt Mason — Army of Nannies
"The team at Steadfast Collective have always been dedicated, approachable and fully committed to our project. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organisation; they have been amazing!"
Kelly Surtees — Operations Director, CRiS
"We came to Steadfast looking for a site that we had complete control over, and are really happy with the results. They were always proactive in suggesting possible solutions to any issues we encountered, and adapted well to any changes we requested."
Holly Tucker MBE — Founder, Holly & Co
Our most frequently asked Shopify questions

The ecosystem around Shopify is not only vast but, in our experience, very high quality.

Connecting your Xero, Slack or Google Ads account only takes a few clicks. This ecosystem allows you to keep Shopify as the base, while expanding out into other tools for more bespoke features, such as email campaigns.

We are small, but we are big enough to cope with businesses with global reach. Our agility and expertise make us the ideal partner for software engineering projects of any size.

It's very likely the answer is, yes!

We have integrated with various different CRM systems such as; HubSpot, Salesforce and Pipedrive many times.

Security updates and server patches are a thing of the past with Shopify. The only hosting option for Shopify is to use its fully-hosted platform.

This means that the team at Shopify handle all security updates, patches or payment issues their end. Leaving you, the store owner, to focus on what matters – selling products.

A fully-managed hosting package itself can be costly each month, so it is a feature not to undervalue when deciding on an eCommerce platform.