Building a Membership Platform For Your Digital Community

Steadfast Collective specialises in membership website development, building bespoke platforms for several niche organisations in the UK.

Every membership organisation has its own specific requirements that must be met by a website that makes its community

feel right at home.

We have extensive experience in building community-focused websites, and of working on membership platforms with millions of interactions

The benefits of our approach to bespoke membership website development

Why you need a bespoke platform

Many people create membership platforms on off-the-shelf applications such as Circle, Mighty Networks or even Facebook. However, your community is unique – so let us help you to build a membership site that fits your requirements exactly and functions as efficiently as possible.

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We do more than build your site

At the heart of the Steadfast approach is a desire to listen and understand your precise needs. That helps us to formulate a constructive strategy that will maximise the quality of your users’ online experience by building a membership management platform that is as unique as your organisation.

We do more than build your site

Mobile applications

Our creative excellence extends to the delivery of versions of your membership platform that can be downloaded to iOS and Google devices. That grants you and your organisation access to the world’s biggest digital shop windows, which will in turn drive your ambitions to grow. 

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Our tried and tested process

We build a membership site for you, rather than designing your community around a platform. Steadfast Collective has worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes and delivers first-class results – and we do this on time, on budget and without compromising on quality. 

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Our tried and tested process

Membership organisations we have helped

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A brief history of Steadfast Collective

We have been creating bespoke membership platforms, websites and applications for almost a decade. Steadfast Collective has been fully independent and owner-managed since 2014 – and we intend to stay that way. 

Technological innovation excites our small team of experienced development experts. Our agility and effectiveness ensures we deliver quality solutions in all contexts. 

We deliver the ideal mixture of strategy, creativity and experience to the challenge of membership website development, with your requirements at the heart of everything we deliver. 

Together we can build, grow and scale your membership platform.  

"Steadfast Collective are very smart developers, with access to excellent web design skills. They are able to solve complex business-critical issues and provide guidance through the whole process. This is what sets Steadfast apart from others."
Francis Doyle — Business Development Manager, National Caraval Council
"We came to Steadfast looking for a site that we had complete control over, and are really happy with the results. They were always proactive in suggesting possible solutions to any issues we encountered, and adapted well to any changes we requested."
Holly Tucker MBE — Founder, Holly & Co
"The team at Steadfast Collective have always been dedicated, approachable and fully committed to our project. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organisation; they have been amazing!"
Kelly Surtees — Operations Director, CRiS
"We have had the great pleasure of working with Steadfast Collective for the last four months, and they have been a joy. Steadfast are super-efficient, they have a 'make it work' mentality, and they're proactive. Our next venture has gone to the Steadfast without the need for a pitch."
Matt Mason — Army of Nannies
Any Questions? What we get asked most often

Whatever type of membership community organisation you run, it is likely your members will spend plenty of their time online. If you build a membership site and/or application, they can engage much more easily and effectively with you – and you can build your community more quickly.

There are plenty of places where you can create your own online community. The main problem is that when using plugins the membership platform may never be an exact fit for your needs. Every organisation is unique and will have its own set of requirements that can be fully met only by creating a bespoke membership platform.   

There are three steps to our process in developing a membership management platform. The first is a detailed analysis of your current state and future requirements. From this insight we can design the ideal membership platform for you. Finally, our experienced team of developers creates the site. At all stages, we work closely with you so that the finished product is just what you want and need.

It depends on the current state of your online presence, and the scope of the work you want to implement. Every project is different, just as every organisation is different. However, your development timeline should be measurable in months rather than years. 

We work with just one tech stack. We are trained and accredited Laravel developers, and our stack also includes PHP, Vue, Tailwind and Statamic.