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31 Oct, 2023 3 min read

Five Things To Know Before Starting a Membership Website

How To Start a Membership Website: Five Things You Need to Know When You Decide to Launch a Site That Delivers Great Experiences for Your Audience
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Five Things to Know Before Starting a Membership Website

You’ve decided to become one of the many organisations that have their own membership website. There are many reasons why you might do this, and you will have requirements that relate purely to the unique nature of your organisation.

However, the overall aim is almost certainly to increase the level of engagement with your audience by encouraging an enhanced sense of community through your new accessible platform.

You may be unsure on how to start a membership website and want some guidance with the steps you need to take to ensure things go smoothly and successfully during and after you launch your site.

Steadfast Collective has extensive experience of building membership websites. We work with a wide variety of organisations and companies that need to heighten the engagement they enjoy with their communities, members or customers. So here are the five factors we think you should bear in mind when you’re wondering how to start a membership website.

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1. Who are your audience?

It’s essential that you have a clear idea of who you want to engage with your new site. If you run a membership organisation, you will probably have an orderly list of all the people you want to reach. If you are a commercial or corporate entity, however, you may have a less clear picture – but you should do the necessary research to identify the types of people you want to attract.

2. How does your audience like to engage?

By knowing who your audience are, you can make conclusions about the ways in which they like to consume content. If you are targeting a younger demographic, for instance, they may prefer an app, or a mobile-friendly interface, rather than solely a website. If you understand your audience, you can decide what type of copy to provide – written, video, audio, or a mixture of the three.

3. Build a content strategy

While there will inevitably be a strong focus on creating the initial content of your new site, you need to keep things fresh and engaging. That means a steady flow of new material – so devise a plan for the next 12 months that shows what content you are expecting, and when. Make sure the content arrives on time and is uploaded regularly to ensure your site is always busy and interesting.

4. Test it before launching

You want your website to deliver a seamless, enjoyable experience from day one. That means you need to build it in good time, and to test it rigorously to iron out all the wrinkles you identify. You can then launch your site with confidence that it will immediately make the impression you want.

5. Engage the right partner to build it for you

This is where Steadfast Collective comes in. We understand that you want your membership site to work for you. We take the time to understand your precise requirements, then use our expertise to create a website that meets them by delivering the quality of online experiences you need.

When you want to know how to start a membership website, get in touch with us at Steadfast Collective. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create a platform that brings the results you want.

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