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14 Nov, 2022 3 min read

Laravel maintenance: What do you need to know?

Like any application tool, there will occasionally be times when Laravel maintenance is required. So what can you expect when such a moment arrives?
Laravel maintenance: What do you need to know?

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework that is used to build a variety of digital platforms and applications. At Steadfast Collective, we are certified Laravel experts and are deeply proud of our reputation as one of the UK’s leading Laravel development agencies.

Like any application tool, there will occasionally be times when Laravel maintenance is required. So what can you expect when such a moment arrives? And how are Laravel maintenance tools deployed to ensure the minimum disruption to your processes and development?

When does the need for Laravel maintenance occur?

We work with Laravel on a daily basis. We use it to create web applications, mobile apps and tools for business owners who are planning a digital transformation and want the best solutions.

Laravel is an extremely user-friendly asset, but occasionally it has to go into maintenance mode. The reasons for this can include:

  • A bug

  • A database problem

  • The process of migrating from one server to another

  • Upgrading of a server

  • The introduction of new architecture

However, there are positive reasons for putting your web app or site into Laravel maintenance mode too. This is an opportunity to carry out technical upgrades, to improve your security measures, and to enable the uploading of fresh content. Overall, the intention is to deliver enhanced user experience.

When upgrades are available, you should always incorporate them as a way of providing an ever-improving service – not least because Laravel maintenance is a smooth process. Instead of giving the appearance that your interface is broken, it enables you to display a message that keeps visitors informed of what is going on, and can show how long it will be before normal service is resumed.

How does Laravel versioning help with maintenance?

One of the reasons we like Laravel is that a new version of the framework is released on a regular basis. Major framework releases are scheduled annually, while minor releases take place much more frequently.

Up to and including the release of Laravel 8, major versions were released every six months. The move to annual releases – as things stand, we are currently working on Laravel 9 – was designed to ease the maintenance burden on people using the framework.

This ensures that the Steadfast Collective team can focus on the areas of Laravel maintenance that deliver the most efficient possible performance for our customer’s visitors. We can make sure your website or application is working smoothly, that it is as secure as it can be, and that new features are incorporated swiftly and effectively.

How we use Laravel to help you

The ease with which its users can deploy Laravel maintenance mode, and its overall flex helps to explain our fondness for Laravel. We are delighted to use it to develop websites and applications that are built to last.

At Steadfast Collective, our Laravel-certified developers deliver value to you by creating best-in-class code to ensure that your digital products work as well as you need them to.

And if you have any queries related specifically to Laravel maintenance, we are perfectly placed to answer and resolve them.