17 January 2018
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We’re calling it… (Our project management app!)

Phases project management web application
Last week, I introduced you to the concept of Phases:

A project management application that is, client-first, studio second.

The idea is to give our clients an overview of their projects with us. They can get a feel for project progression, see if there are any tasks they need to complete and view any assets or work for review.

As I mentioned previously, this isn’t to replace Trello or email.

A single location for project oversight. That’s the goal.

Design and experience.

We settled on Lato for our primary font. It felt strong and true but not overpowering. To keep the design clean, we’re using just a few colours. Blue (#0077FF), dark blue (#1A173B) and grey (#8A96A0) are the three colours that are used throughout Phases, with other colours being used for actions, such as red to indicate a blocker.

I wanted to give everything plenty of whitespace with clear definition between sectors of the view and was keen to keep my finger in the designs as I knew exactly what I wanted the application to feel like, which I know to be key in making Phases a success.

We’ve spent a lot of time going through user flow and mapped out the views for the application.

Nearly all time spent in the application will happen on the Project page. In here, the client gets a glimpse of project outline on the left and the ongoing project in the middle.

The right-hand side is reserved for actions, for instance; viewing assets or leaving a comment.

What’s next?

Next week we’re going to write in detail about how we built Phases. We’re already 75% through the build and our focus now is to make the experience more seamless.

Once we have got our full working version, we will start inviting clients into Phases.

We would love to meet with as many people as possible to demo Phases to them, as we want feedback thick and fast.

If you’re interested in a demo, let us know – we’ll bring the app and even buy the coffee!

Rachel Heslop, Content Director

Our in-house wordsmith and head of content at Steadfast Collective.

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