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26 Sep, 2023 3 min read

What are the Benefits of a Learning Management System for HR?

How To Use A Learning Management System to Improve Your HR? Four Ways an LMS Can Help You Improve Engagement, Performance and Productivity
What are the Benefits of a Learning Management System for HR?

Four Ways to Use an LMS to Improve Your HR

A learning management system (LMS) is a superb way in which your organisation can engage and enlighten an audience.

You can use an LMS to increase customer knowledge and loyalty by educating clientele about your products and services. 

If you run a membership organisation, an LMS is ideal for keeping your members in touch and letting them know of the benefits they receive by belonging. 

But perhaps the most compelling scenario for an LMS is inward-facing. A learning management system for HR can deliver substantial benefits, not least that your workforce will feel more respected, valued and engaged. 

By using an effective LMS, you can upskill your teams, deepen their knowledge of your company’s vision and values, and encourage greater retention of staff.

The bottom line is that you can increase performance and productivity. Studies have shown that 54 per cent of organisations that invest in learning systems report improved productivity. 

And some 91 per cent of organisations believe there is a clear link between learning and performance. 

Benefits of a Learning Management System for HR

Perhaps the most compelling reason for believing in the value of an LMS when training and informing staff is that it is so effective. 

Research proves that people retain as much as 60 per cent of the knowledge they receive from online training platforms. That dwarfs the 10 per cent that sinks in during face-to-face training.

Your online learning management system for HR is also likely to be much more cost-effective than assembling groups of colleagues, many of whom may work in different locations, for in-person sessions. 

There is also a single point of knowledge that’s being delivered, so you can be confident your messaging is consistent. 

Working online also makes it easier to monitor people’s progress as they use your LMS.

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Four Ways to Deliver a Learning Management System for HR 

Here at Steadfast Collective, we have extensive experience in the creation of LMS software. We can help you to create a genuinely bespoke system that generates the knowledge – and the benefits – your company craves. 

The materials that will improve your HR performance can be delivered in the following ways:

Video – Live 

From a central location, your trainers can deliver sessions directly to colleagues in a host of locations. Because they are live, you can add an interactive element to your workshops to enhance engagement.

Video – Recorded

If getting your workforce together at one time is simply not feasible, why not try a recorded webinar? Lessons can be watched and absorbed by your colleagues at any time. 


Podcasts grew in popularity by nearly 30 per cent in the three years up to 2022. You can hitch a ride on that train by creating learning materials that people can listen to at their convenience.


It’s possible to create an LMS that requires participants to work through your training content, learning at their own pace.

In all these scenarios, you can check that the knowledge you most need to impart has reached its destination by asking a set of questions. 

Talk to Us About Your Learning Management System for HR

If you want to engage and energise your teams, an LMS is an ideal ally in your quest. And Steadfast Collective is the perfect partner to bring your idea to life. 

Talk to us now about how we can help you to create and roll out an LMS that brings the personal and collective benefits your organisation needs.

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