We are Steadfast Collective: a web application development studio in Southampton.

Our core focus: building digital products for the future. We craft online experiences to engage your target audience.

At Steadfast, we craft digital experiences; incubating products and delivering high-calibre services for our partners. Our web applications shape industries, grow businesses and create value. Our aim is to always leave the internet in a better place than when we found it.

We are flexible; always willing to learn and constantly exploring new technologies and development techniques to enable us to write the best code we can. We don’t just build digital products for our clients, we also build them for fun. We know what it takes to ship, market and scale products and apply this wealth of background knowledge and experience to everything we do.

Together we can build, grow and scale your digital product. We are already looking forward to it.

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Pete Heslop

Managing Director

Rachel Heslop

Content Director

Daniel Jones

Digital Product Lead

André Breia

Technical Lead

Josh Taylor


Daniel Crewdson


Duncan McClean


Our company culture defines who we are and where we are heading. It’s based around our core values of creating value, integrity and collaboration. Creative thinking, continual learning and personal development are always encouraged. We uphold respect, honesty and trust whilst also making space to have fun.

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When we aren’t building for our clients, we are building for ourselves. At Steadfast, we dedicate a minimum of 20% of our time each week to working on our side projects.
Working on our ventures fuels our experience and understanding of what it takes to create great applications for our clients; coding, building and iterating to resource the internet.

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Creative X Business is Steadfast Collective’s monthly event in the heart of Southampton.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, creatives have the chance to help business owners with their digital strategy. Business owners also have much to offer to creatives, sharing their wisdom and real-world experiences.

Creative X Business provides a monthly opportunity for creatives and business owners to meet, share and learn in the heart of Southampton. The evening consists of a practical talk, followed by a chance to grab a drink and make valuable connections.

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