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17 Apr, 2023 4 min read

Seven Community Growth Ideas!

Are you looking for some fresh ideas to grow your online community? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, I’ll share seven of my favourite ways to boost engagement and attract new members.
Seven Community Growth Ideas!

Online communities are an essential part of the business.

They can be a welcome space for people to discuss ideas and share knowledge. Building the community is the main challenge; once you have a great group of people with similar interests, they usually run themselves.

1 Elevating Your Existing Members: Make Them Feel Like VIPs

We all want to build a community where every person feels valued and engaged. In essence, we want to move every member along a journey, from being an outsider to growing into an active content producer.

So, how can we best create an inviting space where everyone finds their time well-spent?

Leveraging your active members more effectively is a fantastic start. By putting a spotlight on some of your most engaged community members, you'll foster deep connections and bring the human side of your community into prominence.

Consider launching a 'Member Spotlight Monday' where you showcase a different member each week, revealing unique facts about their journey, passion, or what makes them tick - this will make a big difference!

2 Generosity is Key: Sharing Is Caring

To mould an impactful following of people who share in your vision, be open and generous with your knowledge.

Think of it like a chef: they publicize their recipes in cookbooks, demonstrate their techniques on television—sharing their "secret sauce" but if we're honest, we know it's not just the recipe that makes a dish special, right?

It's about the chef's unique touch. Similarly, share your ideas, goals, and progress generously. You'll find people appreciate the behind-the-scenes exposure, making them feel more involved and invested in you community.

3 Engage Your Audience: Co-create with Your Community

Creating content shouldn't be a one-way street. Is it easy for your community to collaborate with you?

Have you provided them with the right tools and incentives, like skills development workshops or recognition for their contribution?

Some communities introduce unique perks or exclusive events to engage contributors.

Collaborating on content creation not only enriches the community with diverse thought but also enhances sense of ownership amongst members.

4 Amplify the Power of Advocacy: Encouraging Word of Mouth

There's gold in the voices of happy members and customers. By equipping them with platforms to share their experiences, you can unleash powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

Consider instituting a referral program; incentivising members to bring in newcomers can spark exponential growth.

Remember, people typically trust recommendations from other people far more than any branded messaging—they want to hear genuine stories, told by genuine people!

5 Embrace New Horizons: Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Finding the voice of your community may require you to try different content types, platforms, and posting frequencies.

Don’t feel you have to zero in on just one modality. Explore various formats and keep a note on what resonates most with your members.

And remember the joy of laughter! Humour can be a unique attractor, endearing followers and creating a less serious, more fun, atmosphere.

6 Innovation is Not Optional: Think Outside the Box

At the end of the day, remember there's no one-size-fits-all strategy for growing a community.

Don't hesitate with trying new things—innovate, fail, seek, advice, rinse, and repeat! As long as your community is learning and enjoying, even failures are successes.

The key? Pursue what makes sense for you and your unique community and remain open to change.

7 Authenticity Above All: Be Real, Be You

Authenticity Above All: Be Real, Be You

In a media-saturated world, authentic connections are invaluable.

Let your passion shine through – tell your community why you started this journey, and don't shy away from sharing the bumps in the road.

Transparency and authenticity foster trust, and a trusting community is an engaged, growing community.


There are lots of ways to grow your network, and we hope these ideas will help you to grow your community and business. If you still have questions after reading this post, please feel free to reach out.