3 July 2019
  • Southampton

Creative X Business July!

This month, Daniel Jones will be sharing about SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), which comes into effect on 14th September. Daniel will look at what the new legislation will mean for customers and for anyone who takes or processes payments online.

SCA will have a noticeable effect on you if you;

  1. Build payment processing websites including eCommerce stores
  2. Run a business that processes payments online
  3. Shop or pay for services online

What is Creative X Business?

As the world becomes increasingly digital, creatives have the chance to help businesses with their digital strategy.

Business owners also have much to offer to creatives, sharing their wisdom and real-world experiences.

We think this chemistry is vital for both creatives and business owners. We all have much to learn and share!

Creative X Business will provide a monthly opportunity for creatives and business owners to meet, share and learn in the heart of Southampton.

Who is it for?

Both business owners and creatives alike!

Will there be food and drinks?


What is the format of the event?

Each month there will be a short and practical talk, followed by chance to grab a drink and meet other creatives and business owners from around the area.


Rachel Heslop, Content Director

Our in-house wordsmith and head of content at Steadfast Collective.

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