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26 Jul, 2019 1 min read

Here's how our first Creative X Business went!

On Thursday, 25th July, we held our first Creative X Business in Southampton. 30 folk from different backgrounds and industries headed to SO Fourteen to meet, share stories and hear Dan share his insights on SCA.
Here's how our first Creative X Business went!

The ‘why’ behind Creative X Business all lies in empathy and stories. We want to create a space for; developers, lawyers, designers, accountants, gardeners, baristas, bankers and everyone else to meet people outside their obvious network — space where baristas can teach UX designers about onboarding and customer satisfaction.

Each month, we will alternate our keynote speaker between a creative and business folk. This month we had our very own Daniel Jones sharing everything he’s learned about SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and how it’s going to affect us all.

Mark your calendar for next month; 29th August!