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07 Nov, 2023 3 min read

How Can Your Business Capitalise on a Membership Website?

How Your Membership Website Can Drive Engagement And Interactivity: Steps You Can Take to Make Sure Your Membership Website Delivers Benefits to You
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How Can Your Business Capitalise on a Membership Website?

When you hear the words “membership website”, you tend to think first of a platform designed specifically for a membership organisation. Here at Steadfast Collective, we work with numerous clients like this. We know precisely how to create bespoke websites that keep the members of organisations involved and engaged through the excellence of their platforms.

However, there is a wider application to the concept of a membership website. Even if the main function of your business is not as a membership organisation, there are ways in which a platform like this can bring benefits to your company.

The key word is community. If you create a sense of belonging and engagement through the quality of your website, the concept of “membership” can be broadened to include your customer base, and your internal teams.

How to Build Value Into Your Membership Website

If you want to make the most of your membership website, and ensure it delivers maximum value to the people and teams who use it, there are several steps you should follow.

Create quality content

It’s not enough to build your website and tell people about it. You need their experience when they visit the site to be thought-provoking and inspiring.

This is a great opportunity to create blogs, videos and podcasts that tell engaging stories about your organisation and its activities. The better that content is, the more people will respond to it.

Update your content frequently

The more often you add new content to your membership website, the more reasons people have to engage with it on a regular basis. Use your social media channels to raise awareness of the content on the site, and encourage your audience to visit whenever new features appear.

Make your content interactive

If people feel like they are part of an ongoing conversation with your organisation, it will increase their sense of belonging and loyalty. Your content should include an opportunity for visitors and members to get involved and give their opinions.

You could run regular surveys to collect their views, encourage debate on your posts, or run quizzes to see how much people are learning from your content.

Ensure your user experience is quick and intuitive

This may be the most important consideration of all. Even the best content will struggle to resonate with your audience if the process of accessing it is slow and glitchy.

By working with a partner who has extensive expertise in building membership websites, you should find that delivery of a user interface makes engagement with your material quick, easy and enjoyable.

Speak to Steadfast Collective About Your Membership Website

As you can see, the process of constructing and maintaining a high-quality membership website takes insight and ongoing commitment. The first step, though, should be a straightforward one. 

Get in touch with Steadfast Collective to find out all about our expertise in creating and delivering outstanding membership websites – and how we could help you to build a platform that encourages outstanding levels of engagement with your target audience.