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05 Apr, 2023 3 min read

How Do Community Apps Work?

Analysis by Steadfast Collective of Community Apps' Function and the Best Tools for Creating Effective Community Apps
How Do Community Apps Work?

You may have multiple reasons for wanting to create your community app. 

Perhaps you want to speak more directly to your customers. Or it could be that you want your staff to feel closely connected to your business. A community app is an excellent way to encourage greater engagement with fellow members if you run a membership organisation. 

A community app provides a space where people feel welcome and secure, safe in the knowledge that they can communicate with each other and the people who administer that community – whatever form it may take. 

Arguably, though, the essential characteristic of any community app is interactivity. This is where community apps work more effectively than social media pages. 

While it’s pleasant to have a Facebook group, for instance, where people can post the latest news that may interest other members, ultimately, this is a two-dimensional experience. 

With a good community app, you can drive a far greater level of interaction by enabling people to speak directly with each other, compare notes, exchange experiences – and, generally, feel closer to the community in question.

The Best Tools to Make Community Apps That Work For You

The most important consideration, which we always have at the forefront of our minds at Steadfast Collective when we create a community app, is that it must be entirely bespoke. 

Every community is different, so the community app designed for each community needs to reflect precisely the personality and needs of the group in question. 

There are several tools you can use to maximise the level of interaction you enjoy with your community:


Tribe can be used to build a knowledge base or a community platform. This is a user-friendly tool with plenty of options to enable members to create and share content, with a host of widgets to customise your community app.


Versatility is the key here, with a host of options that can be used to make your community app work as hard as you need it to. Circle is an ideal tool for all types of community apps, including learning management platforms, membership organisations and newsletters.

Mighty Networks

Another tool with immense flexibility that can be the basis for a website, a learning management system and a membership organisation’s community hub. 


A fully customisable tool that can be used for all types of community apps, but one that has certain special features. You can use it for live streaming and generate detailed analytics on the usage of your community app.


A tool that is particularly suited to learning management-orientated community apps. There is easy integration with various complementary software, which is highly user-friendly. 

Contact Steadfast Collective for your Community App Needs

Steadfast Collective specialises in the design and delivery of web applications, including community apps. Our extensive experience and attention to detail ensure that you receive a community app that fulfils your exact requirements.

Get in touch today to begin the process of building your community app with the help of Steadfast Collective. 

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