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22 Mar, 2023 3 min read

How to Create a Community App That Works Perfectly For You

How to Create a Community App: The Different Types of Community That Benefit From a Community App, & the Apps That Can Be Customised to Your Needs
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How to Create a Community App

The word “community” usually describes a group of people with a common characteristic or interest. That definition allows for a broad range of interpretations – most of which carry positive associations.

When you are a member or in an administrative position of a community, you want to ensure that all the people under this particular umbrella feel that they are a valued part of a unified collection of individuals.

One of the best ways to encourage enhanced involvement in and loyalty towards that group or brand is by creating a community app that all its members can actively use. 

Your community might include work colleagues and teammates. If you are in a senior position at a membership organisation, you could create a community app for your business customers or simply for people who share a particular hobby or passion.

In all cases, a community app can make a positive difference in bringing those people closer together. 

As you can see, a community app could be helpful in a host of contexts. So the first and most critical step to take when devising and delivering a community app is to be very clear about exactly how it will work and the benefits it will bring.

Different Types of Community App

At Steadfast Collective, we work with many organisations that need a community app or platform that serves a particular purpose. The various types of community apps that we can deliver illustrate vividly the necessity of planning precisely how your community app needs to work.

Membership Platforms

If you run a membership organisation, you want to keep your members informed at all times about its activities and overall progress. A community app is an excellent way of delivering information on an ongoing basis. By knowing how your members prefer to engage with the leadership team, you can deliver news, updates and general information that encourages a sense of loyalty and enjoyment.

Video Platforms

You may wish your community app to be visually driven, using videos to convey relevant information to your community. Alternatively, you may want to use video as a training platform to deliver new knowledge and skills to your staff, for instance.

Chat Platforms

Your community members may wish to keep in touch on an ongoing basis simply by being able to chat with each other. A community app is a great way to make that regular communication easy and engaging.

Learning Management Platforms

This is a specific type of community app that can be devised to share information and knowledge – possibly with your members, colleagues or even customers. It makes it easy to deliver the training you need and track who is engaging with the platform. You can learn more about Learning Management Platforms here.

Ask Steadfast Collective to Help With Your Community App

Steadfast Collective exists to solve problems and make your life easier. Our extensive experience in creating community apps and websites means we are the ideal partner for building and launching a community app.

Most importantly, we listen to ensure we understand exactly what you need from your community app – then apply that knowledge to its creation. Talk to us today to see what we can do for you.