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21 Nov, 2023 3 min read

What Are Web Apps? Five Outstanding Examples For Business

What Are Web Apps? How Are They Different From Native Mobile Apps, And What Are The Advantages? Plus Five Examples of Outstanding Web Apps
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Five Web Application Examples for Business

One of the best ways you can connect with your audience is by creating a web application. An outstanding web app will make it easy for your customers to learn more about you, and to engage with your services.

What are web apps? It may surprise you to know that some of the most familiar names in our day-to-day lives are web applications. Brands that we use almost without thinking to improve our quality of life are engaging with us through the medium of web apps.

What Are Web Apps?

A web application differs from a native mobile app because it can be accessed through a web browser. You can use them on any device, including a desktop computer or a web browser on your mobile. Part of the appeal of web apps is the fact that they are so versatile in this way.

Steadfast Collective has extensive experience in the delivery of web apps. We’ve delivered a wide variety of web applications for customers in a host of business fields, each with their own particular requirements – which we have the expertise and insight to satisfy.

What are web apps’ advantages over native mobile apps? They include the following:

  • Speed of delivery: They tend to be quicker and easier to build than native mobile applications.

  • Cost-effective: The up-front investment is usually lower, largely because web apps are not built for a specific platform.

  • Low maintenance: Because web apps are platform agnostic, they don’t have to be written in a specific coding language. This makes them easier to maintain.

  • Easy updates: You don’t have to visit an app store to get the latest version; you should always see the latest when you open a web app.

There are some disadvantages to a web app. You need to be connected to the internet to use them, for instance, and the user experience may be less impressive than you will find on a native mobile application.

Five Examples of Great Web Apps

Let’s look at some of the highly familiar names that come to you in the form of a web app.

  • Google Docs: Part of the Google Office product, this is an excellent platform for creative people. Changes are saved automatically and, even if you lose connection, your documents will sync once you are back on the internet.

  • Microsoft Office: This is a suite of products including Excel, Word and Teams. You can work on shared files securely and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues.

  • Trello: Arguably the best project management tool available, principally because of the ease with which you can collaborate with colleagues.

  • Netflix: Yes, this is a web app. You can access it on various platforms and systems when you want to watch video on demand.

  • Uber: You can use this service through any browser. Most of us will access it on our mobile devices – but it’s available at top speed on other platforms too.

Talk to Steadfast Collective About Your Web App Requirements

Over the years, Steadfast Collective has worked tirelessly to develop a reputation as a trusted supplier of top quality web applications. We’ve delivered a host of platforms that deliver outstanding performance and user experience.

When you want to begin a conversation about your web app needs, please get in touch.

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