Web Application Developers

Solve a problem within your industry. Create something new. We design and build web applications for the future.

Behind every elegant building, powerful foundations lie hidden from view.

What web applications can we build?

Steadfast Collective has worked with Laravel since before it boomed in popularity. Our developers regularly work on helping to build the Laravel ecosystem with extensions, packages and opensource contributions.

Membership Platforms

We’ve been building community-focused websites for years, making improvements to online platforms that turn over millions of pounds.

Our experience goes beyond simply building digital applications, we think about strategy and user experience at every stage.

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Enclave mobile mockup

Video Platforms

We design and build video platforms for some of the UK’s leading communities.

Whether you are looking for an educational hub for your video content or a video-conferencing platform for sharing live content we can help.

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Fusion Online

Chat Platforms

We built chat platforms that scale. Our live chat platforms help your community stay connected, all while keeping you in control.

Loveitstitchit- site

Learning management platforms

Build and scale your course platform to inspire and educate customers around the world.

Let’s craft a course platform designed for you rather than designing your community around existing tools.

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Resurgo site on a laptop

Internal Tools

Whether it’s a billing integration, automated sales workflow or e-learning platform, we build highly-functional internal applications to keep the cogs working in your company.

Internal Tools

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Who is Steadfast Collective?

Steadfast Collective has been developing websites for over a decade.

We have worked with hundreds of websites and have become trusted partners for our clients.

Our team of developers love what they do, and strive to ensure they leave the internet in a better place than they found it.

"We have had the great pleasure of working with Steadfast Collective for the last four months, and they have been a joy. Steadfast are super-efficient, they have a 'make it work' mentality, and they're proactive. Our next venture has gone to the Steadfast without the need for a pitch."
Matt Mason — Army of Nannies
"The team at Steadfast Collective have always been dedicated, approachable and fully committed to our project. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organisation; they have been amazing!"
Kelly Surtees — Operations Director, CRiS
"We came to Steadfast looking for a site that we had complete control over, and are really happy with the results. They were always proactive in suggesting possible solutions to any issues we encountered, and adapted well to any changes we requested."
Holly Tucker MBE — Founder, Holly & Co
Our most frequently asked web application questions

We’re certified specialists in Laravel and our passion lies in developing web applications that stand the test of time. Laravel is used by millions of users around the world and can be trusted for everything from small projects to enterprise platforms.

We are a small team but we are competent enough to take on global brands and businesses. Our agility, innovation, and expertise make us an ideal partner for software engineering projects of any size.

It's very likely the answer is, yes!

We have integrated with various different CRM systems such as; HubSpot, Salesforce and Pipedrive many times.

We are able to provide fully secure and backed-up hosting, yes.