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19 Sep, 2023 3 min read

Why Your Business Website Will Perform Better With Laravel

Why Use Laravel for Business Applications: Reasons for the Popularity of Laravel as the Ideal Framework to Support Your Business Application Development
Why Your Business Website Will Perform Better With Laravel

Advantages of Laravel for Business Applications

The relationship between Steadfast Collective and Laravel goes back a long way. So far in fact, that it began before Laravel embarked on the inexorable rise that has made it the most popular PHP framework in the world today.

We are official Laravel partners, and our developers are Laravel accredited. So we feel our extensive acquaintance with a tool that we use every single day gives us a clear view on the reasons why you should use Laravel for business applications.

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User Friendliness

If there is one reason above all others why Laravel has become immensely popular with developers and businesses, it’s the fact that it is so easy to use. At the heart of this open-source PHP framework is a commitment to making the development of web applications easy and quick.  

To put it simply, you do not need to be an expert to build and upgrade bespoke applications. You can add functions without the complexity of having to write them from scratch, thanks to Laravel’s modular packaging system. 

This is a framework that can be used by business leaders, as well as development teams, at organisations of all sizes, from the Fortune 500 to start-ups.  


Applications and websites built using Laravel are noted for the quality of user experience they deliver to visitors – which can only be good news for the business they represent. This high level of performance is driven by a range of built-in tools and plug-ins.


Laravel offers several potent weapons for its users to deploy in the battle against cyber crime. These include protection against cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting, both of which are built in as standard.

There is also defence against structured query language. The combination of these tools represent a serious deterrent against even the most determined hackers.


One particularly robust element of the protection Laravel delivers is its user authentication system. Any time a user makes a request, it’s checked for authenticity – and if that check produces a red flag, their request is immediately ruled invalid.


A significant benefit of the flexibility and versatility of Laravel is the fact that your applications will not need constant root-and-branch upgrading to keep up with the pace of innovation. Since its launch in 2011, Laravel has enabled users to adapt their applications quickly and easily.

Global reach

If your organisation does business in various countries, you need an application that can engage with audiences who speak different languages.

Multi-lingual development is part of the Laravel proposition; if a visitor in Latin America signs in, for instance, your application can quickly be translated into Spanish. You can set up this function during development. 

Talk to Steadfast Collective for All Your Laravel Needs

We’re proud of the close relationship we have with Laravel, and of the excellence it enables us to deliver on a daily basis to our clients. If you would like to sample the benefits that come with Laravel for business applications, get in touch to find out more.