The magic of Laravel

We turn creative strategy and user-centred design into a highly-functional digital reality.

Bespoke Applications

Build and launch your application to the world.

Our team of developers are Laravel-certified experts in writing quality code that make your product function smoothly, saving you time and resources.

Membership Systems

A membership platform is a perfect way to grow your community.

Charge for a monthly membership and give your members access to videos, courses, resources, or whatever products your business models outline.

Video Platforms

Experts in video and streaming platforms, we build applications that allow you to utilise the power of video.

e-Learning, sales, and membership platforms can all be enhanced with video integration, built by our team of specialists.

CRM Intergrations

We build CRM integrations to help you reach your business goals. Build deep payment, financing and analytical integrations to supercharge your CRM.

Course / Learning platforms

Build and scale your course platform to inspire and educate customers around the world.

Let’s craft a course platform designed for you rather than designing your community around existing tools.

Internal Tools

Whether it’s a billing integration, automated sales workflow or e-learning platform, we build highly-functional internal applications to keep the cogs working in your company.

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What’s so good about Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP framework that combines powerful features with scalability, security and enterprise-ready performance.

Laravel is used by millions of users around the world and can be trusted for everything from small projects to enterprise platforms.

If you’re looking for the perfect tool to build your web app with, then your search is over.

Why choose Steadfast as your Laravel development partner?

We have over 10 years of experience using Laravel to help businesses and charities build bespoke digital products that solve problems or enable growth.

We also understand what it takes to build a robust and adaptable product that can be rapidly scaled.

Our UK-based team work with you as a partner to understand your goals and maximise the impact of your web application.

10 team members
10 years of experience
15+ packages written
1m+ monthly users
Number of users and active users are the most basic metrics that show SaaS growth Web and mobile application development CSV Exporter for Statamic

"Steadfast Collective are very smart developers, with access to excellent web design skills.

They are able to solve complex business-critical issues and provide guidance through the whole process. This is what sets Steadfast apart from others."

Francis Doyle / Business Development Manager

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