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16 Jan, 2023 2 min read

2023 at Steadfast Collective

A quick overview of what we're up to at Steadfast Collective in 2023.
2023 at Steadfast Collective

Our goals and vision have never been clearer.

Help communities to grow with technology

Here's how we put it;

“We are community builders. We know what it takes to ship, market and scale applications and apply this wealth of background knowledge and experience to everything we do. A team of smart creatives, we are excited by technology and always aim to leave the internet in a better place than we found it.”

2023 is looking to be our most exciting to date, but first, let's quickly recap last year through;


We hired four new people.

Kat, Ross, James H, and James P all joined us.

We shipped our best work yet.

From Elemis to Shorefield Holidays, Resurgo to Enclave, each of our new partners is passionate about the communities they are building and the impact their digital presence can have.

Steadfast Collective RetreatAs a remote team, spreading from Glasgow to Lyon, we value taking time twice a year to meet in person. In both May and November, we met in Southampton to discuss the previous six months, look ahead six months, and enjoy eating together and getting further acquainted.


We have launched our new website.

After building beautiful websites for our clients, we found ourselves a little jealous, and took the time to give our website a much-deserved refresh.

We worked with Lobo Creative on the design, and we handled the Statamic build.


Events. Events. Events.

We love hosting events. In 2022, we had the privilege of attending many exciting events alongside hosting a couple of our own.

Building community over a good meal, drink or conversation sparks joy.

In 2023, we are hosting some exciting events, which can be found on our events page.


We are in love with Statamic. There we said it.

Throughout 2023, we will push hard to become the UK's best and most-trusted Statamic agency.

Read more about why we love Statamic.

Wrap Up

In 2021, we wrote this.

“We want work joy to underline outline everything we do at Steadfast. We should be enjoying what we do day-to-day, celebrate the little wins, experience fun things and genuinely enjoy working with our teammates.”

Each year we are taking steps to achieve this.

Thank you for being a part of the journey.