8 October 2020
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Becoming a climate positive company with Ecologi

Wherever you are reading this article, be it London, New York, Cape Town, Sydney, anywhere, we all share the same home: Earth. We only have one planet; a planet suffering from the growing climate crisis.

Whether you know a lot about climate science or very little, it’s a challenge most of us are aware of.

And while we may feel overwhelmed with the size and scale of the problem our planet is currently facing…

Individually, we have the power to make a small but significant difference. 

Together, we have the power to make that difference far greater.

Now don’t get us wrong, most of our team are web developers, not climate change experts (although I personally have degree in Ocean, Earth and Climate Science), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t all make a difference.

Here at Steadfast Collective, we did some research into the ways we can take small but impactful steps to reduce our carbon footprint as a company. One of these ways was to create an Ecologi account to make our organisation climate positive.

Making our company carbon positive with Ecologi

Ecologi works in two different ways to take on the climate crisis:

  1. Tree planting – Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, locking down man-made carbon dioxide into their organic matter and releasing oxygen.
  2. Carbon reduction – Focusing on projects that remove more greenhouse gases than your carbon footprint puts in.


Making our company carbon positive with Ecologi

Why Ecologi?

One thing the team loved about Ecologi is their transparency as an organisation. You can find out exactly where your money is going and the impact it is making. Everything Ecologi do is backed up with paper trails of evidence, which you are able to view online (including carbon offset certificates, tree purchase receipts and full financials). 

The second thing we love about Ecologi, is the way in which you can see the visual impact of your investment. The Ecologi platform is beautifully and thoughtfully designed (with a great user experience, which gets them bonus points in our book), enabling you to visualise what different levels of offset actually looks like. It also tells the story of individual projects, detailing the how, why and where – with precise locations that the carbon offset work is taking place (see below the location of our mangrove trees).

Our Ecologi forest

Two months since signing up to Ecologi, at Steadfast Collective we have currently planted 963 Mangrove trees in Madagascar and offset 21.68 tonnes of carbon. 

Visually that looks like: 

  • 17 long-haul flights from London to San Francisco
  • 65 metres of sea ice saved
  • 53,788 miles driven in a car


Making our company carbon positive with Ecologi

Each month as a company, our aim is to put in money above and beyond what it costs to offset the carbon footprint of our entire team each month.

We also plant a new tree for every new subscription to The Digitial Product Playbook

So why not get involved? 

View our forest and plant some trees over on the Ecologi website.

Rachel Heslop, Content Director

Our in-house wordsmith and head of content at Steadfast Collective.

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