24 Jan, 2023 3 min read

Day in the life: James P

We spoke to one of our developers, James P to see what his average day looks like.
James crossing his arms

0700: First alarm goes off… Snoozed.

0730: Second alarm goes off… Snoozed.

0800: Third alarm goes off - Time to actually wake up

0800 - 0830: Body-weight-based resistance training

0830-0850: Finish getting up (shower, dressed).

0855: Move into the (home) office to start the day

a desk with 2 monitors and a keyboard on it

0900: If it’s a Monday: 

We do our weekly all-hands video call, where we all get to see each other, discuss our weekends, and talk about the week ahead. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about each other, what we’re all doing this week, and any important business-related announcements.

If it isn’t a Monday:

Check my Forecast, emails, any unread Slack messages, start looking at what tasks I need to do that day, and plan my day out accordingly. If I’ve got one smaller task (such as retainer work) and a larger task (like an ongoing project), I’ll do the shorter tasks in the morning, allowing myself the rest of the day to get my head down and really focus on whatever project I’m working on.

0930-1230: Work

1030-1030: Breakfast

1230-1330: Lunch - I take a longer lunch break (1 hour), as it allows me time to go out for a decent-length walk with my dog, Amber, and get back in time to eat lunch comfortably, which usually consists of a sandwich, a handful of grapes, an apple, and some mixed nuts.

a dog on a walk view of the street

1330-1400: Catching up on any emails, Trello card updates, and Slack messages I may have received over lunch. Once I’m done with that, I’m back to whatever work I was doing before lunch. I find it definitely helps to get out of the house for at least 30 minutes a day, as it helps clear my head and see solutions to problems I wasn’t seeing before.

1400-1430: Our 2 PM all-hands meeting. This serves as an excellent opportunity to flag any issues/concerns about whatever we’re working on, so action can be taken swiftly to resolve it. But it’s also good to hear about what my colleagues are doing, and if they’re struggling, then we’re able to help each other more effectively.

1430-1730: Continue working for the rest of the day.

1800-1900: Tea/Dinner 

After that, I might either work on some personal programming projects, play some video games, or go out on one of my bikes. 

2340-0000: Practice my Norwegian (mainly reading, writing and comprehension).

0000-0100: Go to bed, maybe watch some Netflix or some “True Crime” documentaries on YouTube.