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27th Jun 2019
2 min

Soldo – Digital Product Playbook Podcast

I met with Daniele Marino, Head of Product Development at Soldo to talk through lessons he learnt while building Soldo. 

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As a team of creatives, we love learning from others, hearing how they have built and grown their products. Over the last 13 months, we have recorded 18 podcasts with other owners and founders exploring their thoughts on running a creative business. 

With the release of our Digital Product Playbook, we decided it was time to record season two of our ‘Three Lessons Learnt’ series, but this time the series has a sole focus on creating digital products.

I met with Daniele Marino, Head of Product Development at Soldo to talk through lessons he learnt while building Soldo. 

Soldo helps businesses to control their spending, with pre-paid debit cards, virtual payment cards, and a handy dashboard overview. Founded in 2015, Soldo has raised a total of $22.2M in funding.

Here are Soldo’s three lessons from his time building the application:

1) Embrace change

Soldo has been growing like crazy. At Soldo, things don’t stay still for long. If there is a stillness, there is likely a problem. You need to adjust your thinking and development ideologies ready for change. 

At Soldo product changes come from the business as a whole; that could be customer feedback, sales feedback, or a new internal idea.

2) Believe in what you do

Daniele explains that you really need to believe in the product you are working on. 

It’s much easier to share objectives and convince someone to use your product, if you believe in it yourself. Is this something you’re happy to fight for? Do you believe this brings value to the world? And Does it fulfil you?

Your entire team should be behind the idea too. Everyone has their own approach, but the core idea of belief is vital.

3) Take care of your users (for exactly who they are).

Daniele brings his experience of working on game development into the B2B world. Users will give you feedback and their thoughts; you need to listen to them. Soldo is a fast-moving platform, but the team have to give empathy to users who rely on their product for the running of their business.

It is possible the end-user of Soldo, was not the person who decided to implement it at their company. Daniele explains that Soldo has to be careful when making changes to the product that could affect many everyday users.

Thank you to Daniele for taking the time to share his wisdom on the podcast. Why not check out Soldo for yourself?

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