The power of Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect is the easiest way to set up a marketplace, handle charges and send payouts.

Launch quickly

Lean on Stripe and their infrastructure to move quickly and launch your marketplace or platform quickly

Multiple use cases

Marketplaces, job boards, membership platforms and much more can benefit from Stripe Connect's flexibility

Integrates with others

Integrating with Stripe's other products, such as subscriptions, Radar and expense cards you'll have all the tools you need to grow.

Scale globally

Stripe Connect doesn't limit you to one currency; more than 135 different currencies are available for a global reach.

Complex payment flows

Direct charges, destination charges and payouts are all options when creating your payment flow.

Tried and trusted

Lyft, Deliveroo, Kickstarter, Love It Stitch It, and Army of Nannies are all utilising the power of Connect

What’s so powerful about Stripe Connect

Since launching in 2012, Stripe Connect has helped power the likes of Salesforce, Shopify, Kickstarter, Deliveroo and Lyft.

Their tools allow you to process payments, facilitate and monetise your platform and then send payouts around the world.

It’s how the payments get from customer to restaurant on Deliveroo or how marketplaces like Etsy ensure the correct payments are funnelled through to the sellers.


Complex payment flows

Here is an example of a payment flow, that without Stripe Connect would be expensive to engineer.

A payment of $100 is paid into the platform, $20 is paid out to the driver and $70 to the restaurant with the remainder going to the platform as their fee.

This seamless flow allows an automatic flow of funds.


"Steadfast Collective are very smart developers, with access to excellent web design skills.

They are able to solve complex business-critical issues and provide guidance through the whole process. This is what sets Steadfast apart from others."

Francis Doyle / Business Development Manager

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