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Smart fit clothing for athletic builds.


Hale Clothing


Shopify Development



Hale Clothing came to Steadfast Collective looking for a new eCommerce website to sell their range of menswear for those with an athletic build. 

Shopify was the ideal platform of choice as its primary purpose is to enable businesses to sell, ship and process payments online.

Take a look at the Hale Clothing Website.

The Community

Hale Clothing seeks to serve the health and fitness community by selling comfortable, great fitting, high quality menswear for those with an athletic or muscular build.

The team at Hale involved a wide range of rugby players, athletes and sports fanatics in their brand and product development.

The Goal

Design and development of a new, user-focused website to showcase their products, market and sell Hale clothing and grow the Hale community of athletes and sports players using Shopify as the back end.


The new Hale site is built using Shopify. Using their new command-line tool and GitHub integrations, made it much easier to work on the site in our local dev environments. In the future it will also allow us to easily make tweaks locally, without the changes affecting the live site.


A large portion of work was put into the logic surrounding the product page, as each product would have different variants (e.g. size, colour), and the page info would need to update when you change variants. For example, if a certain variant is out of stock the “Add to cart” button becomes disabled, and an out of stock message appears allowing you to sign up for an email list for when that product becomes available through Klaviyo.


We used AlpineJS to help us handle a lot of this logic, as it is a lightweight javascript framework that is really helpful for adding interactivity. We used this to help us build out lots of features across the site including; adding/updating items to the cart, signing up users to email newsletters, filtering blog posts and paginating the results, image sliders, open/closing modals, displaying different size guides in tabs, FAQ accordions etc.


One of the newer features Alpine has added is a plugin called Persist, which allows states to persist across page loads, this was really useful for hiding the announcement banner at the top of the page, and keeping it hidden as the user navigates to other pages.


We used TailwindCSS, which is a utility based css framework, to help us to quickly build out and style page elements.


Hale were provided with a new website focused around clean, fresh design that showcases their products whilst also telling the Hale story, sharing the thought process behind the brand and putting the Hale community ethos front and centre.

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