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Love It Stitch It


Design / Development



Love It Stitch It is an exciting new platform and marketplace where cross stitch enthusiasts can create and sell cross stitch patterns using the online designer.

Love It Stitch It is the product of one of the UKs leading cross stitch communities and online stores;

Love It Stitch It was envisioned by Sally at Caterpillar Cross Stitch who wanted to create a platform for the ultimate online cross stitch community to come together, sharing their love of sewing, and giving them the opportunity to design their own cross stitch patterns from scratch.

The Goal

  • To take Love It Stitch It’s an original minimal viable product, and create a solid and reliable online Cross Stitch editor. 
  • Create a marketplace for designers to showcase and sell their work.
  • To become the most feature complete and used online cross stitch editor.


  • The online platform was built with Laravel and Vue.js.
  • The designer uses HTML Canvas + Javascript, it was cleaned up and updated with modern Javascript to increase efficiency and improve its foundations.
  • It uses Laravel Nova, an administration panel that we’ve extended so the client can approve/reject designs published by the designers, feature designs in the marketplace, and manage users and other data.
  • We’ve integrated Stripe Connect into the platform to handle marketplace transactions and make sure designers get their share. We’re also using Stripe Checkout to handle subscriptions and one-off payments.


  • An intuitive cross-stitch designer user interfaces with the ability to upload your own images or create directly on-site.
  • Export designs to PDF.
  • Sell or buy beautiful designs on the bespoke marketplace.

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