A new customer relationship system (CRM) for Elemis teams positioned within stores, such as John Lewis and Harrods.

An innovative and global British skincare brand with over 30 years of expertise and available in over 45 countries, Elemis is a leading skin wellness brand sold throughout the high street and online.

Steadfast Collective was asked to consult, design and build a new customer relationship system (CRM) to be utilised by their teams positioned within stores, such as John Lewis and Harrods.

The CRM launched in 2022, replacing the previous paper-based system.

We continue to work with the team at Elemis in the continued support and development of their technology.

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The Goal

To create the easiest customer relationship management tool for the in-store Elemis team, allowing them to enhance customers' experience without the distraction of paperwork or forms. The app is designed to store customers' data, their favourite products, and their purchase history for Elemis to be able to follow up with customers in the future.

The CRM system allows each store to recall or store new customer data using auto-suggesting technology for instant recall.

A detailed, UX-optimised ‘new order’ form is presented to the Elemis team member, allowing them to add a new visit to the customer's profile, all while showing previous visit data for enhanced personalisation.

The CRM is designed to work on an iPad or any tablet device, with local storage being utilised to allow the system to work offline.


  • The online platform was built with Laravel and Vue.js.

  • A bespoke administration panel for the Elemis team

  • Offline capability

  • Postcode lookup

  • Barcode scanner integration


The new Elemis platform allows the Elemis team based within stores across the UK to quickly and effectively carry record-relevant data and provide an enhanced experience to their customers.

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