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Army of Nannies works to provide a bespoke matching service for families looking for a nanny to meet their individual needs and requirements.

The Army of Nannies team approached Steadfast Collective looking for further development on their existing web application and to branch out the search functionality behind the nanny matching so that it could be used to power further matching services.

We took over development on the Army of Nannies web app in March 2021.

Using Laravel, we have been able to build new functionality into the application such as browser alerts for shortlist invitations and introducing payments so the client can start making money from the platform. 

The Goal

The Army of Nannies team came to Steadfast Collective looking for a reliable development partner to maintain and grow the existing Army of Nannies platform, building in new features, functionality, and expanding the current product.


  • Built with Laravel and Vue.js, we could get started on the project quickly and help to improve the web application.
  • The platform uses Laravel Nova, an extensive admin panel solution that we have extended so that the client can drill down into specific scenarios (i.e. users who have undertaken ID verification, users who are still to complete their profile, etc).
  • We integrated Stripe Checkout to quickly build payments functionality into the platform, introducing a new membership payment and promotion status.


Army of Nannies have been able to start making money from the monetisation we added to the platform.

The platform has seen consistent growth and a strong rate of new signups following our involvement in the project.

Kind words

We have had the great pleasure of working with Steadfast Collective for the last four months, and they have been a joy. Steadfast are super-efficient, they have a 'make it work' mentality, and they're proactive. Our next venture has gone to the Steadfast without the need for a pitch. We came to them bruised and battered, after an awful agency experience, and they've helped us to be buoyant and brave in just four months.

Matt Mason - Army of Nannies
Army of Nannies web development

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