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With a mission to end extreme poverty, Be One Percent is a charity encouraging members to give 1% of their income to help the world’s poorest communities

With a mission to end extreme poverty, Be One Percent is a charity encouraging members to give 1% of their income to help the world’s poorest communities.

They partner with charities working in key areas of poverty alleviation, such as water, sanitation, food and nutrition, health and vaccination, education, and microfinance.

To date, over £595,000 has been raised, reaching over 475,000 people.

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The Goal

Be One Percent were looking for a bold new website to highlight the impact of their amazing work, shining a spotlight on their projects and encouraging donors to give. 

The charity wanted to make it easy for potential donors to see the impact their money could have.


Custom WordPress Development

We delivered a WordPress website designed to give the Be The One Percent team flexibility and customisability to add new projects and partners and keep stakeholders and sponsors up to date on their work. 

Custom Impact Calculator

The Impact Calculator allows potential donors to input their earnings to see how far a 1% donation would go towards real-life measurable impact. Website visitors can input their earnings and a percentage donation, which is then calculated into a monthly payment amount and clear visual display of what could be achieved with this amount.

Multiple pages on the site use easing functionality (also known as tickers), where the numbers count up from zero to emphasise impact. The impact page also includes a month-by-month timeline of projects supported by the charity, highlighting their transparency and accountability to donors.


The Be One Percent website makes it quick and easy for donors to submit their information and payment details to make regular, monthly donations to the charity via direct debit.


Be One Percent were presented with an impactful website that is easy to navigate and showcases the importance of their key mission statement.

Partnering with Lobo on design, the site has a strong emphasis on imagery and clear call to actions, signposting the user through the site and encouraging them to get involved. 

The site is interactive for users showcasing the impact that their donation could make with the custom impact calculator. Website visitors can input their annual income and see the kind of impact a 1% donation would have in terms of meals for hungry schoolchildren, malaria nets, disease treatments, or provision to clean water.

Built to last, the site has been developed with ease of editing in mind for the team at Be One Percent allowing them to make updates as their portfolio of projects and partnering charities grow. 

Bounce rate down by 57.56%
Sessions increased by 164.60%
Users increased by 206.47%

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