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Video-calling software linking vets with pets

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In early 2020, the Vet Help Direct team approached Steadfast Collective to design and build their new Video Consultation Platform, a tool that allows pet owners and vets to connect via a secure and seamless video connection.

Building on the success of their leading vet directory and review platform, which attracts over 1.2 million unique visitors each year, the Video Consultation Platform acts as another tool to assist vets in making the digital leap.

Building a video-based web application had been on the cards for Vet Help Direct long before the COVID-19 pandemic, but as 2020 rolled on, it became increasingly clear that the Video Consultation Platform could become an essential part of veterinarian workflow globally.

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The Goal

An industry-changing web application, capable of handling intense load while maintaining the flexibility to suit a range of different vet practices’ needs. 

Vet practices require the ability to onboard a team, input vet availability, process payments and handle video consultation in a single place. Pet owners can add their pet’s details, book a consultation slot, and continue through to their ‘virtual’ consultation. 


A powerful multi-language platform designed with user experience in mind at every step. Gaining much attention across the industry and beyond, the Vet Help Direct Video Consultation Platform is not only loved by vets but also by their customers.

We designed a consistent design language and UI kit used throughout the platform, ensuring every button, email, and widget is on brand. Our team worked closely with stakeholders at Vet Help Direct to ensure each workflow would be optimal for customers, with regular feedback coming through demo and user-experience sessions.

Our developers started with Laravel as their bedrock, building a scalable, API-driven platform with user permissions, extensive video-calling technology, live chat, rapid email notifications and Stripe Connect to enable vets to undertake their best work without worrying about the technology.

We utilised our extensive Stripe Connect experience in building a billing system capable of distributing revenue and handling multiple tax zones whilst ensuring pet owners have the fewest possible steps to complete to make a transaction. 

Vet practice owners can retain full control of their practice, seeing an overview of their vet’s schedules with detailed statistics on revenue and clients.

“No matter the work, they always respond and do their best to accommodate us. Could not and would not want to work without them.”

— Kim Goodson, Vet Help Direct

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